Tough batteries that last longer…

We supply automotive batteries in the Eastern & Western Cape. Motorcycles, Cars, Truck etc.




The Product
The comprehensive range of polypropylene batteries incorporates the latest technology to ensure optimum performance, life and reliability in the climatic conditions of Africa.

• Strong, durable polypropylene container with a heat sealed lid.

• Low resistance welded inter-cell connectors to minimise voltage drop for quick engine starting.
• Plates and elements constructed to give durability, resistance to corrosion and high cracking performance.
• Long life polyethylene envelope separators.
• Grid alloy resulting in a low rate of self discharge, low gassing and longer periods between topping up.

Every process in the factory is closely monitored to ensure the final product is to a highly acceptable quality standerd. Built to meet the demands of modern motoring, the product range is the result of many years of continuous development.

Technology remains the key to success for Gemini Batteries. Improved performance through innovation and evolutionary design remains our goal in order to exceed our customers expectation.

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