1st Floor Extruded Hollowcore Precast Floors

Hollowcore is a 1200mm wide extruded, prestressed, voided slab unit. Standard unit depths are 150, 200 and 250mm. Units are cut to a customised length and may have raking ends. Hollowcore is ideally suited for residential, commercial and industrial use. Up to 600m² can be installed per day by our specialised team.

Advantages of using extruded hollowcore precast floors

Cheapest By Far: Machine production and lighter weight reduces cost of manufacture and installation.
Precision Made: State of the art technology is used in making these floors.
Lightweight: Full fast installation when you need it.
No Propping: This will save you time and money.
No Concrete Topping: Light Finishing screen only.
No Skimming Needed: Excellent soffit needs only textured paint finish (Can be skimmed if required).
Convenience: 1st Floor voids van be used for electrical and other services.

1st Floor extruded by state-of-the-art technology machinery which proved itself around the world for the past 27 years. This gives you the advantage to install large areas per day. A light finishing screen is all that’s needed to fill the small key joints after installed.

For more technical info:

Composite Construction
Tiling Specs
Structural Details
Specs for Plastering
Self Weight and Finishes
Site Requirements
Sections of Various Structural Steel Applications
Openings and Downlights
Grouting Specs
Finishes and Screeding
Concrete Design Details
Basic Design Parameters

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